Projektowanie ram rowerowych oraz całych rowerów.
Projektowanie ram rowerowych oraz całych rowerów.
Projektowanie ram rowerowych oraz całych rowerów.
Projektowanie ram rowerowych oraz całych rowerów.
Projektowanie ram rowerowych oraz całych rowerów.

Customowe projektowanie i budowa rowerów elektrycznych.

  On the example of this e-bike, we will present you the entire method of custom design and construction of an electric bike.

Step by step you will see how the project is developing and how a bike is built on its basis.

1 step - Communication.

  The client provides us with the necessary data: 

  1. destination of the bicycle.
  • So, for example, in what area the bicycle will be used (typically mountain or other).
  • It will be used for everyday riding or for e-bike tourism.
  • All year round or only occasionally.
  • etc. the more information the better.

2. Technical parameters

  • What ranges are required.
  • What is the drive power to be.
  • What bike should reach the maximum speed (in off-road mode).

4. Information about yourself: 

  • Height / weight / age.
  • Do you like the exertion on the bike or on the contrary.
  • Health restrictions – e.g. difficulty getting on a bicycle with a high frame, etc.

5. Design preferences: 

  • Colors / style ( military for example) / shapes. 

6. Will the bicycle be transported by air?

E- Bike Custom
When giving us information, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Especially if it’s your first electric bike.

Also take into account that:

  • If you currently ride an ordinary bike 30 km a day, you will ride an „electric bike” for 60 km .
  • If you are not interested in expedition biking, this will probably change …
  • If you haven’t been cycling in fall and winter, that will change too.

2 Step - Initial design of the geometry of the frame and the whole bike.

We start the development of the project with a completely simple drawing - the geometry of the frame.
Already at this stage, the design is created so that the bike is tailored to you in terms of your height, weight and expectations.
Even though it is only a sketch, you can already see if you like the overall shapes.
If at this stage you notice that something could be designed differently, please let us know immediately.
Customowe ramy rowerowe - FAT bike
It is better to correct a sketch even 10 times than to modify an already finished project ...

3 Step - The first bicycle parts designed in 3D.

If you do not raise any objections to the previous drawing, we prepare another drawing based on it, already in 3D technology.
However, this is still only a sketch! Don't be afraid to ask for any changes that come to your mind.
At this stage, you can already see:

  • How big will the battery fit.
  • Where will it be placed.

    In this case, a 12S10P battery with a capacity of approximately 1600 Wh will fit.
    That is three times greater than those used in mass-produced bikes!
Custom project of e-bike frame
Check if, for example, the frame is not too massive visually in your opinion.
That is why we create a project together, which is the basis of the custom idea, so that the bike will suit you perfectly.

3 step - We work together on the project - we draw, you keep us informed if everything suits you.

Another development version:
  • Revised battery version (enlarged).
  • Changed mounting location of the drive controller.
  • Completed frame structure in the rear part.

3.1 step - other additions to the design.

Next progress version:

custom e-bike boulding
After the initial design of the shape, we will complete the project with casings.
This allows us to judge whether the "styling lines" of the frame are in line with the shapes of the housings and the overall target style of the entire bike.
In most cases, such casings are made in 3D printing technology.

This digital printing technology ensures that the finished enclosures look identical to the design and visualization.
As you can see, the overall design of the designed FAT starts to take on a very classic style.

3.2 step - Verification of structural correctness.

A very important stage:
Custom e-bike FAT BIKE
We check, among other things, whether the previously designed battery will fit in its housing.
After each subsequent step of typical stylistic design, we verify the design in terms of technical aspects.
This avoids technical collisions. Our designs are not typically conceptual - they are the basis for the production of ready-made bicycles.
Custom e-bike FAT BIKE
Any mistake made at this stage would necessitate major changes to the design in the future ...

3.3 step - Stylistic refinement and visualization.

Time for stylistic details.
Custom project of e-bike
At this stage, we try to make the appearance of the bike take into account the colors preferred by the customer.
Custom project of e-bike
From now on, each new version of the project will contain more details.
Custom project of e-bike
Project visualizations are very helpful for clients. Not everyone has a 3D imagination that allows you to judge a project based only on ordinary drawings.
E-Expedition Beach CRUISER